New China customs requirement effective 1st June, 2018

Current information from Expo-Cargo Ltd.

The General Administration of China Customs (GACC) announced the requirement to collect additional shipper, consignee, and notify party details for all import and export shipments from and to China. This will be effective from 1st June, 2018.

Additional mandatory information on AWB and B/L level is mandatory and include:


  • Enterprise code of shipper (e.g. UID number
  • Country code of shipper
  • Contact phone number and contact identifier of shipper


  • Enterprise code of consignee (for the country of China – USCI or OC)
  • Country code of consignee
  • Contact phone number and contact identifier of consignee


  • For shipments with consignee “to order”, a telephone number of the contact person (notify) is mandatory
  • A meaningful description of the goods that meets the requirements of Chinese customs.


Please provide this additional information together with your air and ocean freight orders.

Your contact at Expo-Cargo Ltd. will be pleased to assist you further in case of any questions.